My Perfect Bed

Your bedding is the single thing you touch most in your lifetime, so it should look and feel exactly as you want it.

Plain + Perfect

A fitted sheet and a pair of pillowcases. Sometimes simple is all you need. Our superior quality means even this easy option is unusually delicious.

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A Little Something Extra

A fitted sheet, a flat sheet, plus a pair of pillowcases. An accessible way to get a good mix of simplicity and style delivered to your (bedroom) door. No muss, but a little bit of fuss.

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The Whole Shebang

For those of you who like having it all. You get our great flat and fitted sheets, a pair of pillowcases, and a duvet cover. All the elements for putting together a perfect bed.

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Extra Touches

Details, details, details...Those extra touches that make a luxurious sleepy haven. Sweeter dreams await with shams, coverlets, bed skirts and more!

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Like you, we have great features. And we love going a little crazy over the details.

Fitted Sheets | "The Base Layer"

A wide elastic securely grips the mattress to prevent the fitted sheet from pulling off. Our fitted sheets have a 17” pocket, so on a 14” high mattress, there will be 3” all around underneath. No waking up strangled by your sheets! Plus our 10/G guide tag, located on the lower left corner, will ensure you get your fitted sheet on correctly every time.

Duvet Covers | "The Fluff Cover"

Corner ties keep your duvet in place, while a zipper closure prevents your duvet from playing peek-a-boo. They protect your down comforter and keep it nice and clean. It’s also the largest piece on your bed, so it definitely makes a strong design statement.

Flat Sheets | "The Thin Cover"

Our flat sheets are long enough to fold over (with a nice detail along the cuff) to create a completely styled ensemble. It also helps keep your duvet cleaner (and cuts down on laundering!)

Coverlets + Blankets | "The Extra Layer"

They’re decorative, keep the bed looking tidy, and can keep you extra warm. Ours are large enough to drape freely over the whole bed or be tucked in.

Pillowcases | "The Sleepers"

An envelope closure (or "French tuck") inside the case protects your pillow and keeps it from sliding out. Clever, right?

Bed Skirts | "The Concealer"

Attaches to the box spring and covers all the stuff you’ve got hidden under the bed. We construct ours with a 16" drop and three separate panels with pins. How come? The bed skirt can be easily adjusted for a perfect fit no matter the height of your bed. You’re welcome.

Shams | "The Decorators"

More decorative–and camouflage. They sit in front of your sleep pillows, covering up wrinkles, makeup you were too lazy to wash off, etc. Our narrower, 1.5" decorative flange doesn’t flop around, so your bed stays neater-looking without extra effort. And who doesn’t want that?


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