Our Commitment

At 10 Grove, we believe in making the world a better, more beautiful place by holding ourselves to a higher standard. We recognize that sustainability begins internally and we are working to do our part in building the most ethical supply chain that creates high-quality, low-impact and long-lasting products.

We want to Elevate the Every Day. This means quality craftsmanship above mass production. Artistry and fair wages above profits. Sustainability above easy, mindless solutions. And most importantly, honesty above everything else, because there’s nothing more disappointing than being tricked by shiny branding and trendy buzzwords into buying mediocre product made by unethical methods.

We promise to always provide full transparency about our products, our people and our sustainable practices.

Handmade at Our Own U.S. Factory

On-Demand Production

Ethical Labor Practices

Clean, Timeless Products

Thoughtful Packaging

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We believe in making better product, in the best, most sustainable way.